About us

Who are we?
We are a tiny company with big ambitions. Specialists in the fields of animal nutrition, animal husbandry and food science we have been in operation nearly twenty years. Wholly owned by the local directors the company thinks small is beautiful as it enables us to react to needs, make swift decisions and move fast to help our customers.

What do we do?
Agri-research was established in 1994 as a limited company for the purpose of carrying out pure and applied research and development on behalf of its customers, along with new product development. Our aim is to provide our customers, who can be feed mills, integrators or farmers, with ideas, solutions and products. Our understanding of our customer’s needs allows us, through research and development, to tailor our products to improve animal health, welfare, performance and longevity.

How are we unique?
We are solution driven, and customer focused! What does this mean? We listen to the needs and desires of our customers!
These may be for creative new ideas, new ways of doing things, or finding solutions to existing problems. Then together we set up models or methods for testing these ideas so that we can progress a concept. We have our own small scale trial facilities that enable us to quickly test products and their efficacy, before moving on to field trials. We can also co-ordinate trials through our strong links with a number of Universities.